Skin thirst

Style Slicker x Creme de la Mer4

Style Slicker x Creme de la Mer 4

Pergola and Hill 1

Style Slicker x Creme de la Mer 1

Style Slicker x Creme de la Mer 2

Style Slicker x Creme de la Mer 5

My skin has been thirsty for over a decade, relied solely on flavoured decaffeinated tea and coffee to avoid dehydration (highly not recommended), surely this whole time my fully operated internal organs and army of cells would have shrunk to the sizes of hardened plums and microscopic raisins.  After turning 30 in Spring (yes I’m aged three-zero, free of wrinkles and no break outs) my face seemed to look ever so dull and lacklustered after applying serum and makeup, my skincare regime was pretty near redundant, aside to odd exfoliating and cleansing routine.  I don’t eat fruits either but preferred dried or preserved ones as alternative to vitamin supplements, it’s all due to l-a-ziness.

But hey, hydration to the rescue!  I’ve been using Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream day and night for two months and it has brought me magic beyond relief, check out my product review on  Fancy a pot?  As a special treat from Crème de la Mer, readers will be treated to a deluxe 7ml travel size of Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream with any purchase at just simply enter EDITER when you check out. The offer last until 1st November 2012, so hurry.


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  3. Love how you expressed the product in the garden shoot, the natural surrounding, your pastel outfit and poses fits really well with the story.

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