Withering beauty

Dried flowers Style Slicker 6

Dried Flowers Style Slicker 4

dried flowers Style Slicker 1

dried flowers Style Slicker 2

dried flowers Style Slicker 3

It’s been almost a year since I first discovered Columbia Road Flower Market through close friends, thanks to the former locals Alexxia and Charlie, it became my essential ‘weekend fix’ or ‘weekend ritual’ for secret meets and shopping for plants and freshly cut blooms.  Those who haven’t experience the mundane world of abundance, get yourself down to Columbia Road on Sundays and bag yourself some bargains, prices drop after 3pm ish.

However, wastage creates a problem, even preserving flowers takes a snail pace patience.  We, as Brits are renowned for our love of queuing and err waiting, and perhaps patience?  Patience oh deary no.  The preserving stage would normally take 4 weeks to suck all the moisture out, there are several ways to do this; from microwaving, air, hanging, hairspray to kitty litter (giving a stern look here).  Speaking of patience, I left the hydrangeas, roses (minus the lavenders) randomly inside a plastic carrier bag, hung inside a compact-spaced pantry door, unchecked for 2 weeks.  Not a true Brit here.  Petals and buds are stored in a plastic takeaway container, they tend to stink a little so I sprayed them with my favourite strong fruity perfume, Escada Ocean Lounge, too sweet in fact.  The point of preserving petals and buds is to use them as prop for my future still life shoot, or simply because they’re beautiful to look at? So, Bob’s your uncle.

P.s I’m currently listening to Kula Shaker‘s old 90s hits.



  1. KIT your photos are always SO beautiful I wish I did a shoot with you!! And I can’t believe I never once went to Columbia Road Flower Market in the 10 months I lived in London :(

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