The ultimate wardrobe system

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system1

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system2

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system3

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system4

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system5

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Ropero wardrobe system6

Matthew Zorpas and Hierve's Repero wardrobe system7

Have you ever dreamt of owning an ultimate wardrobe system, that could display your trophy sartorial attires and accessories in a bespoke-boutiquey way?  The other day I went to see my friend and ”Britain’s Best Dressed Man by Esquire UK”, Matthew Zorpas performed a live outfit change in collaboration with Hierve at Design Junction.  Hierve a boutique design consultancy based in Mexico City and London, showcased its ultimate freestanding wardrobe system featuring its contemporary storage solutions and conventional glass cabinets.  If you are into craftsmanship and contemporary art, this could be the one.


For further information, @hierve


  1. @Duck I wouldn’t use it as a normal day-to-day wardrobe, I would use it to display my DIY creations or any of my treasured pieces, afterall it’s a beautiful display cabinet. Apologise for not posting a picture of Matthew’s semi nakedness, I was afraid that the picture would up on Weibo and disappear elsewhere as he has a quite a few fanbase in Asia.

  2. I have two problems with this post:

    1. I would require about 10-20 of these wardrobes, thereby filling my entire house. I wouldn’t be able to decide which pieces should go on show…

    2. You didn’t capture Matthew in his underwear for all the world to see!!

    Apart from that I <3 it all!

  3. It’s fascinating to see the conventional wardrobe worked really well with Matthew’s taste in fashion.

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