Wild Lynx: DIY H&M scarf print kaftan dress

Wild Lynx H&M scarf pring kaftan dress

This Summer has been very fruitful and intensively hard laboured, a handful of DIY projects left my fingers brutally scarred and hungry for more torture, it’s a type of fetish which I gladly accept with honour.  Joining the fetish club, Shini and I have collaborated together to create a kaftan dress made of two H&M leopard motif print scarves (there were different variations to choose from), the step by step process is very simple and there’s no cutting, gluing nor stapling involved.  Now let the wild lynx let loose.

materials and tools_Wild Lynx scarf dress

You will need: 2 medium size motif print silk scarves (we used the H&M SS12 leopard/panther motif print scarves), a matching colour cotton thread, sharp scissors, sewing needle, some pins and a measuring tape.

Wild Lynx scard dress DIY_fold scarf in half (1)

1. First be sure to steam or iron the satin scarves to prevent crease whilst working on the fabric.  To start with the front dress, take one piece of the scarf and fold the correct side in half.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_crease the middle point and pin (2)
2. Crease the top fold to create a centre mark on the neck, pin it, and use it as a guide or a reference point.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_measure and pin shoulder point (3)

3. To add a notch on the shoulder, grab a measuring tape and measure 11 inches from the outer edge, and pin it. Repeat this method with the second piece of (back dress) scarf.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_drape the scarf over the bodyform (4)

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_drape scarf over bodyform (5)

4. Drape (and pin) the front scarf over the bodyform, use the pinned center point and shoulder notches as reference points.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_join both shoulder points together and pin (6)

5. Take the back piece of the scarf dress, join the back shoulder notch overlapping the front shoulder notch, pivot the back at an angle and secure it with pins.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_hand sew shoulders with thread (7)

6. To seal the shoulders, measure and extend at least 2 inches from the pivoted notch, pin it, leaving the so-called sleeve to open, repeat this to the other shoulder.  Grab a sewing needle and a matching coloured thread (double threaded), sew a neat stitch (I prefer back stitch) along the edge’s original stitching line, to ensure the hand-stitching to look invisible.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_sew on the original stitch line (8)

Hand sewing in close-up (please don’t look my disastrous nail).

Wild Lynx scarf dres_shoulders (9)

Taadaah! Here you have a bateau neckline and open sleeves.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_measure your ideal length, waist to hem and pin (10)

7. To close the side seam from the waist, start with the wrong sides together, measure 22 inches from the hem up and pin both scarves together.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_sewing (11)
8. Use the matching coloured thread and needle as before, stitch from the hem up under the rolled edgings.

Wild Lynx scarf dress DIY_the product (12)

9.  And lastly, I purposely left a huge gap from the shoulder to the waist, why? Grab your best belt and tie it through the gap to the front leaving the back exposed like a boxy cape.  Clever huh?

Be sure to check out Shini’s outfit post where she is wearing the green version of the H&M scarf print Kaftan dress.




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  3. Oh my goodness! I have done so many of these!!! There is a shop that I like to buy my scarves at. They are about $5.00 each. I buy two to match each other. I then take them home and sew them up. They look great! I have even bought an extra scarf, and made it into a matching belt. I have also made a black or a white backing to match the front, if I cannot find two scarves. And a black or white belt.

  4. i like this, Everything about this is very clever; thanks for the guidee; very very Very helpfull! Please do moreee!

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  6. I do love kaftans but I probably will not do the boxy cape back. I think I would like it tailored. I know that would probably be more difficult to pull off, especially without a sewing machine but really great tutorial. Please keep em coming!

  7. This could look equally or even more interesting with only one scarf and a nice piece of solid color silk for the back. I could then actually tailor the one at the back to fit me better.

    But I love the clever belt technique as well.

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