Lip glazing

Stila lip glaze 3

Stila Lip Glaze 1

Stila Lip Glaze 2

My interest in lipsticks and lip gloss started in my late teens, you know one of those freebie un-branded cheapies you’d get from teen magazines?  Brown, nude and frost were at the height of their popularity in the mid-late 90s, I wore frosted lilac colour at school for a couple of years before they were considered as vomit bucket.

As time goes by and experimented vast multitude of colours, at this present I have a penchant for Stila lip glaze in cranberry and mulberry (a set of 8 lip glazes, courtesy of  Its distinctive fruity scent smells quite desirable than actual real fruits,  the gloss is sticky but it’s an ideal consistency of stickiness compared to other super glue glosses I own, otherwise flattering in glossy sheen finish.  My my, my bee stung lips are spoiled rotten, tut tut.


  1. I love Stila make up range, I remember I was in flood of tears when they were discontinued.

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