Visual diary: Susie’s gaff

Bloggers Yard Sale intro

A couple nights of eyes wide open with hardly any sleep at all, involving decision making, pricing pre-loved rags and additions ranging from 50p to £80, contemplating throwing in a few extra items, separating the cheap and the expensive in separate suitcases and large shopping bags.  Yep, last weekend, the Susie & Co yard sale returned once again for the second run, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, alive and kicking at Susie’s gaff (read her full account here), it was bigger and definitely busier with a double handful of bloggers joined in selling their wares – vintage, high street, designer, and bric & brac.  In the mean time, I shall leave you with some visuals to drool on and thanks to Susie and Steve for being our great hosts.

hello kitty and my cheap binLeft: My pre-loved Hello Kitty stuff toy (sold for £3) has found a new owner.  Right: A girl in zebra print jumpsuit going through my cheap bin.

blogger stall

shoes and headphones

leopard print and kapow

PS 11 bag and assortmentNathan Moy‘s heavy assortment and his PS11 bag….jealous!

entertainment and kids technologyLeft: Milly Blue provided us with a her little Ukelele set.  Right: Kids and tech these days huh?
Louisa and PierreLeft: Louisa and her gear.  Right: A little star of an attraction, Pierre.

studded bum bag

yard sale foodLeft: Zara’s home-baked brownies.  Right: Susie & Steve’s home marinated chicken satay.
money and KitBusy manning my stall and tally up my sold items.

that girl

nail varnishes

nathan's punk wedges

The hosts and the peeps: Style Bubble, Style Salvage, Lust and Found, Joe, me, Park and Cube, The Style Crusader, Girl A La Mode, My Labyrinth, Platform Princess, Northern Light, Geisha Rock, Isabelle OC and her flatmate, I Want You To Know, and Style East.


  1. Love the blue electric shoes! I would have been there but it is so far …
    Thanks for sharing :)

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