hydrangea 1

hydrangea 5

hydrangea 3

hydrangea 2

hydrangea 6

These beautiful white-blue Hydrangeas (£5 for a bunch of 5, from Columbia Road flower market) has become one of my latest props in still photography, such as this Goji berry tea that I’ve made today to flush away my gut filled caffeine.  I have a rough idea what I’d like to do if I ever to give up on fashion, is to become a florist, flower photographer or a flower blogger….does flower blogging exist in blogosphere?


  1. @Duck – There’s an annual Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Palace flower show. One day I’ll be a flower blogger if there’s a medicine that could cure my hayfever completely.

    @Becky – Yeah, a few peeps sent me a link of hers, her site is lovely and inspiring.

  2. KIT your photography just keeps blowing me away, especially your still life. The whiteness and stark colours are just amazing. PLEASE BE A FLOWER BLOGGER. Is there a flower week?

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