Blues and hues

hues and blues 6

blues and hues 4

blues and hues 9

blues and hues 1

blues and hues 5

blues and hues 2

A couple months of non-existent summer feels like swimming in condensed filled air, quite wet, cold, which thankfully or annoyingly delays my hayfever.  Mother Nature is growing old, gracefully temperamental, and it needs an emergency hormone replacement therapy (HRT) but here’s the good news, according to the BBC Weather we will have a week of blazing heat wave….bring on the SPF 50!

My outfit: Dress – ASOS, Waterproof jacket – UNIQLO (HK), Belt – Vintage, Sunglasses – BURBERRY, Shoes – c/o SUPERDRY, Bracelet – SWAROVSKI, Watch – c/o FOLLI FOLLIE. Thanks SHINI for the snappy snaps.


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  3. You blog is a great find for me. Very nice photography. I love the fact that you have your unique style of making these gorgeous light weightless images.

  4. i’m not major on wearing lots of one colour on me, it feels a bit weird but i love this here. the ace dress with the wind breaker, i’m going to pin you, hope that’s cool

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  6. That dress could’ve been a vintage, what a stunning color! And you contrasted it beautifully to the background as well! Stunning photographs as usual!

  7. Kit, you always manage to make everything look so light and fresh, ethereal. The colours and lighting :) I have to keep practising… Love the watch face!

    P.S. There is no way I can wrestle knitting magazine from Mother’s clutches, she’s a knitting machine. All that knit 1, purl 1 has given her superhuman upper arm strength…

  8. Beautiful pictures! I like how colorful this outfit is – you really pop from the background in the pictures. ^^
    And I like the polka dots! They’re one of my favorite patterns.
    ♥ xixia

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