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MCM brand experience 1

MCM brand experience 8

MCM brand experience 2

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MCM brand experience 5

MCM bus route

The MCM brand has made countless appearance on this blog for nearly 2 years (all thanks to my sister and Laetitia), me banging on about it online and offline until my readers and friends suffer constant migraine attacks, but hold the trigger there will always be more when the blog is in need of refuel.

MCM brand experience – A couple weekends ago, Shini and I aboard the MCM monogram wrapped routemaster bus for a private joyride around the streets of Chelsea, me swinging and pole dancing away like a true fanster.  As part of the Modern Mobility Project in London the MCM routemaster operates like a moving lounge, offering passengers an opportunity in experiencing the brand’s commitment to travel, culture, lifestyle, and view its latest collections.  I tell you what I want, what I really really want, I really want a Cognac Visetos rucksack to concur with ‘Airport Fashion‘, a fairly common practice in Asian airports.

Good news, MCM is launching in Harrods! Oh, and one last thing, I’ve listed an item on ebay, my pre-loved MCM tote bag signed by Kpop Rain, go and bid for it.


  1. these images are perfect, you both look fabulous and the scenery is just amazing!

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