Materials used: Classic simply rosy in burgundy, Garden Secrets light rose & jonquil, Classic daffodil,  Classic letters K, I, and T  Classic blooming zinnia in burgundy, and Persimmon metallic leather bracelet.


”Kit, I didn’t think you would come to this press trip, the brand is so NOT you.” 

Well, I was quite surprised when I accepted the invitation from Chamilia to visit their HQ in Newcastle, I’m not a charm bracelet wearer of any sorts but a watch, a quick browse through their website and thought…I’ll give it a go.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Minnesota, Chamilia is a premium jewellery brand specialising in personalised charm accessories using the finest materials to create what simply as your own, their collection range of high end beads includes; 14k gold, .925 sterling silver, crystal Swarovski Elements, handmade Italian Murano glass and natural coloured gemstones.

I was going to design a charm bracelet as a wedding gift for my sister after seeing their impressive 14k gold collection (up to £310 per bead), but being a super stingy big sister, ahem, I decided to personalise one myself using their flower beads to reflect my love for flora and of course my name as seen above.  My job for now is to fatten up my twiggy-wrists.

Thanks Chamilia and Push PR for the invitation.


  1. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! Love all the photography here

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