DIY: Le petite guirlande

garland diy8

garland diy1

Now this wretched non-existent summer, the blog will be filled with explosive DIY projects, I haven’t bought any summer clothing thanks to the rain.  I adore the idea of wearing a wild garden party on my head but seems unlikely for my flat-child-size head, it simply will not hold or balance it well, shame.  This blogger, me, I was eager to jump on the bandwagon and follow suit, I’ve made a subtler piece sewn by hand; a headpiece and belt tie in two.

garland diy2

You will need:  x2 or x3 rolls of organza ribbons, a bag of small satin roses, matching coloured thread, sewing needle and a pair of small sharp scissors.

garland diy3

I used a 2 way braid, intertwining with 2 long (uncut from the rolls) of organza ribbons to create a band/belt tie, the braid has the same technique as casting off in knitting.  I would advise to use the standard 3 way braid which would make the braiding job easier than my Chinese knotting technique.

garland diy4

Depending the length that suits you, the circumference of your head (braid wrapped twice) and belt tie, 50cm-60cm seems suitable.  Here comes the sweatshop part, sew individual satin rose onto the braid from beginning to end, if you were to use adhesive I will have to slap you.  Tiny glass beads were also sewn in to give the dew drops effect….hardcore.

garland diy5

garland diy6

garland diy7

garland diy9

garland diy10

Oooo la la, oooo la la.  You can also check out my first DIY garland headpiece featured on Shini’s Sun & Summer post, I believe she hasn’t given it back to me….yet.

garland diy10

My outfit: Breton top – UNIQLO, Mesh dress – c/o NAVY LONDON, knitted cardigan – ZARA, bag – MIU MIU, Watch – CASIO @ ASOS.COM, DIY pink sheer socks – TOPSHOP, grey polka dot socks – TABIO, floral print cut out brogues – DR.MARTENS.  Thanks SHINI for the outdoor snaps.


  1. You are a goddess to this kind. It;s so adorable and you can just wear it in whatever style you would like to do. I wish I have that talent too!

  2. Gah I really love that photo of your scrapbook inspiration. I just keep staring at it.

    When I was sprinkling roses around my red velvet cupcakes I thought of you and your recent blog posts. :P Oh I don’t eat the big roses but the petals are ok. I’m still alive…

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