Quadruple denim with Timex


Time, my story.

What is your earliest memory with time and history?  My earliest is my relationship with time and mileage, I was an amateur runner, aged 25, competitive and obsessed with beating my personal bests.  My first achievement I took part in the women’s breakfast 5km run on the Victoria Embankment, I crossed the finish line in 24 minutes and something seconds, my name was listed in the top 100 table beating 400 women.

8 runs and 8 medals later, my 9th run was my last ever accomplishment, I ran in the Hackney Marshes half marathon (stupid me), the terrain was difficult it was grass I hated grass, bouncy and slippery, I preferred running on hard terrain.  13.1 miles, shin splits, dodgy knees and dozens of other injuries later, I crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds.  It was a memorable moment, I cried, that was 5 years ago.

My relationship with time consist of beating my personal bests, training, heavy sweating, dehydration, injuries, carbs carbs carbs, achievements, goal, stamina and 9 medals.  It was all thanks to my old Timex digital running watch (which I sadly lost it) bought from Argos, recommended by Runners World.  The end.


I was styled by Jackie Dixon as part of Timex‘s Style of the Times event.  To see more photographs from the event keep up with all the latest Timex news and styles visit Timexuk.tumblr.com.  I’m wearing a triple denim outfit and a denim Timex watch = Quadruple denim!


  1. How funny! I just ordered a Rabito case for my new iPhone this morning!

    You look beautiful here Kit.

  2. Love the rendition. I have the phone cover in blue but without the bunny tail.

  3. @Lola Funny! I’d love to cycle but it’s impossible in my area as it is very very hilly, but I loved cycling in my villagey area in Hong Kong, flat terrain and the beautiful sceneries. I got the phone cover from ebay :P

  4. A different angle on what ‘time’ means to us, love your on take on Timex and your passion on running. I swim.

  5. My earliest memory with time isn’t as interesting, I was just always curious about the fact that the hands on the clocks move but I never noticed, I was about 4 and I just stared at the clock for a good 10 mins and watched the hands slowly edge forwards, quite boring really! I used to run long-distance but then my knees got a bit messed up, mainly cycle now. I do about an hour a day and aim for about 22 miles. Love your outfit and p.s. we have the same phone cover! xx

  6. Wow you’re looking chic in denim, beautiful story about time, Jackie Dixon has done a great job in capturing the beauty side of you.

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