DIY: Nail applique


I’m not a fan of liquid nail polish that involves a messy paint job, smudges and paint stain on your best white trousers, been there done that.  Nail Rock nail wraps are a little tricky (it’s actually rubbish) you have to heat them up with a hair dryer to make them stick firmly on your nails, that’s another time wasting application.

I first discovered Incoco when my youngest sister ordered a batch of nail strips via Ebay with an amazing deal, I saw how easy it looked when she applied them on her nails in perfection.  The strips are thin, the formula is 100% real nail polish, and easy to apply in minutes. Impressive.

So, without further a do, here’s a quick easy-peasy nail DIY with the help of my sister’s beautiful hands as a nail applier (instructions via


1. Clean and buff nails before application.  2. Select the size that best fits your nail, gently remove the clear cover.  3. Peel polish.  4. Place the strip on nail and smooth until wrinkle-free, gently stretch for a perfect fit.  To realign or resize, peel nail strip and re-apply.


5. Crease strip nail edge, and remove the excess using your nail or a nail file.


6. Use a cuticle stick to smoothen out the air bubbles.  7. Done!  To remove, use a regular nail remover.


Incoco nail polish appliques are available at Selfridges.  Thanks to my sister May for helping me out.


  1. Fab I’ve got my nails done something similar to this too but in comic book design, which was so fun flaunting with lots complimenting! Oh yes you are right, so fuss free and such. Gonna stick this method from now and on. :) xo

  2. I’ve seen this around and they’re so popular at the moment, they look awesome applied on your nails! Tempted to give them a try now :) PS: I can’t wait to see the results of your MCM shoot, you looked absolutely stunning in all your shots!

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