My philosophy




Philosophy: believe in miracles.

I would have been selfish not to believe in miracles, it’s difficult to acknowledge the existence of two words ‘believe’ and ‘miracle’ implemented in an intuitive manner, especially when it comes to beauty and health products, not all works.  The beauty in science is still evolving and developing around us chemically and organically, ingredient speaks for mathematical formula, formula speaks for effectiveness and effectiveness speaks for evaluation.  Result? Skeptical or not, who knows.  This is my philosophy.

Philosophy sent me some lovely beauty samples to try out, I wasn’t too fussed by their combo scented raspberry sorbet hair and shower gel where I likely to drink it all up and suck off the whole tube of lip gloss like a lolly pop, they do taste yummmmy though.  I’ve tested Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser (award winning daily facial skin cleanser) for 2 weeks, p.m only, it does the usual tricks – cleanse, tone and removes all face and eye makeup gently, all in one in just one simple step while hydrating the skin.  My face and pores tightens after rinse and pat dry, and skin feels smooth like a baby’s bottom, very impressive.  This is just a result, can this result lead to more possibility of long term effect?  Effectiveness can evolve when the skin changes, I let the science speak.

Thank you Ykone and Philosophy for sending me these samples.


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