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anthropologie4Anthropologie AW12 press day, apparel, accessories and home at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

Anthropologie is one of my favourite stores (after Ikea), pointing a finger at everything ”I want this, I want that, I want you” tis I always do every time I visit the website and the store on Regent Street.  I vouch for their authentic lifestyle products that represent anyone who has compelling passion for their one of a kind pieces, their values of appreciation for innovation in design, craftsmanship, vintage, fashion, art and keepsake items…they are brilliantly edited.  There’s a sense of deep connection with Anthropologie is that they truly know what we want, and the problem is I want to live there.

I’m so looking forward to see Charlotte by Charlotte Taylor capsule collection for Anthropologie this month, I just her l-o-v-e her adorable print.


  1. Gosh all those colours are just lovely. I wish I didn’t have to travel to London for a bit of Anthropologie action…but then again the trips are worth it, I love the interiors/merchandising of their stores! The press day looks so beautiful and I can imagine you had quite the field day snapping all your favourite products!

  2. The building looks interesting was this in London? Loved how they use paint palettes and artist materials as props.

  3. that first photo is gorgeous (as well as the rest of course!) the colors just pop in all these images, and the basil leaves in the first one has this tactile quality, so beauuuutiful~
    anthropologie is such a feminine store, with something to strike anyone’s fancy. I love their homeware, and their store always smells marvelous.


  4. I like the animal heads door knobs, the wolf one with a bird on its head.

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