Three decades on


Three decades on, still feeling a decade younger.  Thanks for all the birthday messages and those who haven’t you’re no friend of mine**, also Style Slicker has turned 4 and still going strong like a cow’s backside woo hoo!  Sadly I spent my birthday working my arse off on a night shoot in drizzly Paris and came back battling fatigue and catching up with close friends at Vapiano.  At three-zero I don’t feel any difference.

**just kidding.


  1. Hope you’re celebrate your birthday in a proper way, the London weather certainly not helping.

  2. I left you a voice message on Weixin, did you receive it? If not, happy birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday and happy bloggervary, I’ve been your reader as long as I remember too bad I stopped blogging because I’m too lazy. Anyway Kit, please keep it up with all the good work and be true to yourself.

  4. 生日快乐!!! You have been such an inspiration and I know you’ll keep being a great read!


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