Are you feline fine?




Aren’t they so adorable?  I know this blog entry is rather late but these lovely Paul & Joe beauty goodies were in hands after my trip in Hong Kong (thanks ASOS).  In January Paul & Joe Beauté celebrated its 10th year anniversary, inspired by the founder of the clothing line Sophie Albou’s love of all things fabulously feline, meow!

Being a typical Chinese I couldn’t resist these cute kitty cosmetics, they’re far tooooo cute to use as some would say these are collector’s items for most Asians.  Okay I did use the limited edition compact face powder with cat motif  which works wondrously well over my BB cream. I’m planning to use the Kitten Claws nail polish on the day of my sister’s wedding which matches the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, and my absolute favourite is the blusher stick with a carved-out ‘cat in the hat’ goodness I am so not using it.

Thanks again ASOS for the gift.

**Please note, the 10th year anniversary collection was available exclusively to for 4 weeks from the 2nd January 2012, hence the late post and non-availability of stock (limited edition compact presse powder) online, you may need to trawl on ebay.


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