”Chim, chimney, chim, chimbey, chim, chim, cher-ee”….er what?  Sorry I’ve gone all Mary Poppin and weird here after listening to 40 minutes worth of soundtracks from the Disney movies, whilst multi-tasking like a robot.

I’ve rewritten my second paragraph a few times that really leads to nowhere, why is that blogging about a press day is always seems impossible and so blank to begin with?  Now clueless, in spite of having to stick with the ‘oh a picture is worth a thousand words‘ is not easily relinquished.  Here are some selected AW12 pieces at Pfeffer PR press day, the unusual textured ipad case (made of tripe) by Barbara Boner was one of my favourite pieces from her accessory collection.

pfefferpr1We Are Handsome.
pfefferpr8Goldie London.



pfefferpr7Barbara Boner – the ipad was my favourite piece from her accessory collection, would you believe that the material is made of tripe?   In case you don’t know, tripe is a stomach wall lining of a cow, sheep or pig.  Neat huh?
pfefferpr6Lucy Folk.
pfefferpr2Thu Thu.


  1. Wow!! Everything you showed is attractive!!!! love the colorful friendship bracelets!!!

  2. @fensismensi It’s like Hong Kong too, they were a little skeptic with this whole blogger thing, time has changed and the social media took off like a rocket. Hopefully one day it will happen to your city.

    @Sha Yep the Tripe, I never eat them….I just recognised the texture cos my former classmate used to eat them with noodle soup every week hahahahaha.

  3. looovee that ipad case too! Tripe, like what people eat at yum cha? hehe, also that We Are Handsome body suit is sooo good.

  4. It’s great to see press days like that, because it gives the idea of how great the blogs can be used as a media channel. I’ve been trying to push this idea in my area, but it hasn’t really downed on anybody yet. I guess we’ll be there in a couple of years :)
    I got to know the “handsome” swimwear by you and Shini and I love all of it. Barbara Boner is amazing!

  5. I agree it is difficult, there are too many fashion blogs that covers press days, why repeating extracts from press releases it’s boring. A small sentence on each designers/brands is fine depending what appeals to your readers. I love your blog.

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