Luxe goes to Asia






News of western brands and corporate companies expanding into China and HK markets are common, I’ve seen it and heard it all; retail and luxury goods, fashion brands, luxury e-commerce sites i.e bought by Net-a-Porter to launch, and The Luxury Club e-mag (Hui She Shang) which I’m freelancing for has launched its own e-commerce portal, totally unrelated but I’m just saying it.  Also there’s hotel groups, technology i.e Apple has 4 stores in China generate on average Apple’s highest revenue, public relations i.e Karla Otto and Mango PR, publication titles i.e Elle China goes semi-monthly (85% of its revenue is generated by advertising of major western advertisers and claims 1.3 million readers.  Even automobiles, how many Maseratis do you see on the roads in Hong Kong Island? Far plenty, and for goodness sake my photographer friend drives a Rolls Royce, the Phantom one me thinks.  Don’t forget Weibo the Chinese version of Twitter, Tom Cruise has over 3million followers.  The list and examples could go on and on and on.

Jitrois, a small independent Parisian label is too expanding into China, launching in Beijing this summer.  A short visit to Jitrois’s AW12 press day at their London flagship store on Sloane Street, what I loved about the collection was the art of craftsmanship and designs; intricate embroidery and fine stitching, sophisticated leather dresses create sensual and alluring silhouettes, the richness of colour, luxurious fabrics, exotic leathers and furs….and yes, the Chinese will love it and I know it.


  1. @Lola I’m suck at economics and maths. Remember the rent in private and commercial properties are ranked as most expensive in the world, I don’t know why and I have no clue….maybe it’s the locations. For LV to pay £1.4ml per month rent at the former UA cinema on Times Sq, Causeway Bay….to make a profit and able to pay rent, obviously they need to consider the margins, footfall predictions (Causeway Bay has the highest footfall in HK island), daily/month targets and they HAVE to sell a lot of LV bags hahahaha. I dunno I’m just guessing.

  2. Omg the embroidery in the first outfit is just so amazing. I love the purple trench coat too. What an amazing collection. Love how you’re covering the development of Asian fashion industry!


  3. I was really surprised when I learnt that Hermes had a store in India, now I’m not big on the world of economics but how does it work in terms of profit? Is everything just converted to the relevant currency or is the price lowered/increased to go with the value of the currency? I think it would be difficult for brands to work if latter were the case but I could be wrong

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