DIY: The maid’s job







It’s the busiest season this year for wedding fanatics my sister is one of them, she’s getting hitched this summer and I have a job to do (yeah, ho hum I’m a Maid of Honour).  My job is to give her cascade tulle veil an omph, the veil has floral embroidery on the border and needs some pearl beads on each flower.  While I’m at it, my sister is busy Pinteresting for more wedding inspirations (follow her on Pinterest if you’re curious), the pressure is on.


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  3. Oh my, this is one project that will be truly worthwhile, congrats to your sister! Is she going to be having a big traditional wedding? I haven’t been to one of those in a while…so fun (and noisy!).

  4. That is so awesome. I can’t wait to get a vintage veil/wedding dress and DIY them like mad! Oh Kit I wish we could be good friends so you can help me :p

  5. All blood, sweat and tears will worth it. Your sister will wear your handicraft with pride.

  6. @rachel Congratulations! Have a look on there are some fantastic vintage and hand made wedding veils.
    @Shini My sister’s wedding gift is my hand sewing skills hahahahaha.
    @Yvonna We’re a creative family, us sisters (sadly my bro is in Korea) are relying our artistic skills to design her wedding; interiors, diy, table settings etc.

  7. The tulle veil looks gorgeous, the beading will look amazing on the embroidered florals, good lucking in beading :P

  8. My goodness when you mentioned you’re adding beads to every floewr I thought the flowers were at least the size of your palm but they’re TINY! If this isn’t a great wedding present I don’t know what is!

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