Bitter Sweet Symphony





Recovering from a nasty shoulder injury, a pinched nerve which left my right side of my upper body immobile for a few days, injury or not, the pain was excruciating and wearing a self made neck brace in bed was tad embarrassing!  Do you know what’s funny?  The injury was actually caused by bad posture with a sudden man-sneeze. *runs away, hides face*


Enough of my embarrassment, Spring is finally here! Whilst listening to my usual favourite radio DJ Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, a moment ago a track was played in the Wonder Years session, the ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve. It’s one of my favourite songs to listen during the Spring season, hope you agree with me, it’s a brilliant ‘feel good’ orchestrated tune and a must have track on your ipod’s playlist.


  1. Beautiful photographs and I’m very happy that spring is here– it feels like it’s been not-so-nice out for far too long especially since, at least in the States, it didn’t feel like a normal winter at all. Hope that your injury is better now! xx

  2. Yeyyy. I’m so excited and happy to see spring arriving. Three weeks of -15 in Zurich was just about enough to make me go completely crazy. Love your photos Kit and love this song as well. I hadn’t heard it in ages – thanks for the reminder. xx

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