DIY: Hat allure!


A year and a half ago on a quiet and boring summer I bought a straw visor cap for £5 (on sale) in Topshop.  Out of boredom, I adorned the blank canvas using my old belt parts and broken up bits of cheap jewellery, hand sewn and no glue.  A whole day of sweat-shopping in hand manual labour in my bedroom ended in above satisfactory level for practical performance, oh yeah minus the bleeding scarred fingers and insomnia.


Like discarded marine debris and sea shells on seabed I’ve named the cap ‘Sea Crumbs‘ modelled by my stylist friend Alexxsia.  Regrettably, the circumference of my head is deemed unproportionally doomed and will not fit in any adult’s head wear, I have a child size head measuring 51-52cm and that’s XXS in adult size…yeah, a total shocker!


At least Alexxsia gets to keep the cap for her fun use.


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  2. i’ve just measured my head now and it’s 54/54cm so that’s pretty small then right? no wonder i can never get hats to fit. nice crumbs for sure

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