LFW essential bits in my bag


Tracey flapover medium bag – courtesy of MCM, shot with Nikon 1 J1.

I learnt not to bring so much unnecessarily junk in my bag to LFW, these show invites, keys, anti-bacteria hand spray, my wallet, pen, mirror, lip balm, chewy stuff and a tightly folded fabric tote bag, all managed to fit in this small boxy MCM Tracey bag nicely.


  1. This picture is perfection, I always try and create these type of posts where everything is casually poking out of the bag but it just all sort of collapses as soon as i take pic and doesnt look nearly as good. NICE!! XZXZ

  2. So cute! You know MCM will FOREVER make me think of you… I always say that, but it’s so true. Love your little selection of necessities. The extra tote bag is definitely a must-have as well as ‘chewy stuff’?! Huh? Do you mean gum? Sweets? Bits of your arm?

    p.s. Love the contrasting texture on this bag… so so cool.

  3. OMG how cool is your blog! so fine and clean !

    love it ! come visit me too – xx from Tel Aviv

  4. Nikon 1′s J1 and V1 are massive in Hong Kong, I’m planning to buy one myself. Yours has great result.

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