1. @Jenny I had a fiddle with the camera it’s all good, great snaps on ISO800 on dull day light, very sharp. Those type of camera is massively popular in Asia.

  2. @the style crusader Because Jen, I was born a talent and that’s ART. I haven’t drawn in ages so that’s a warm up thingy…. ‘I quake with ecstasy’ I can’t find an alternate word to describe ‘excitement’ in Shakespeare language :P I’m loving my new camera, quite fiddly as I’m not used to the Nikon settings…it will be an everyday device.

  3. why are you talented woman? you can sketch, you can diy, you can sew, you can photograph. what else do we not know?

  4. Kit, this is AMAZING. Why are you such a visual genius?? The drawing is awesome and I love the thought of you quaking with ecstasy… wait, this sounds X rated. Shame on you Kit Kat.

    Love the little white camera, I can’t wait to see you in action with it. I also can’t wait to see how the photo quality compares to the 5d… will you use it for visual diary sort of things?


  5. @Winnie That’s cos I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one to share with my sister LOL.

  6. I’ve seen loads of people with this camera in HK…The white one is totally the way to go! Love your illustration Kit! You talented lady.

  7. @Gabby Yes it’s a Nikon J1, I bought it recently to share with my sister, we haven’t tried it out yet. I was in HK for 2 months and the camera seemed to be everywhere so I’m guessing it’s good?!

  8. Love your illustration and your blog as a whole! I saw a Nikkon J1 there, if I am not mistaken, mind giving any opinions about it? :)

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