LFW AW12 visual diary, part 5 – Within convex




A silent weekend of my absence on a blog-and-social-media ban (embargoed) excursion somewhere in hush hush la la land, to view some hush hush dazzling brilliance at a security-heavy hush hush fortress, covering an event for a visual diary feature for China’s new hush hush high society magazine.  My dilated vision of greed was blinded by the spectrum of sparkles so severely, I resorted to wearing my only black pair of Jeremy Scott gaga specs for a few days.  I have a migraine.


Tis the last post of my LFW visual diary and paying a little tribute to one of the most spectacular showcase in craftsmanship seasons.  In awe of silent approval and applauded admiration to Inbar Spector‘s victorious AW12 collection, her rich labyrinth of endless intricate craftsmanship constitute the theme of ‘Escapism’.




The utopia fairy-tale like collection consists of technical distorted-origami shapes, layers of shredded cascades, complex laser cut detailing on perforated leather, and Inbar’s signature voluminous concave-convex like ruffles.  Topped with dazzling head pieces by Lara Jensen to conclude the desired look.




I can almost envision my future editorial shoot, just imagine a dream-like underwater story feature with a model wearing this finale dress move in a graceful, balletic motion.  OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!


  1. It was such an incredible show, one of my favourites – your photos cam out so much better than mine did!

  2. No wonder you were mysteriously quiet on Twitter over the weekend, sounds like an exclusive trip I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure.

    Great photos by the way.

  3. i love your blog and the photography. thanks so much for doing this. BOOKMARKED!!!

  4. Just as you have described, the dresses does look convex, shame it’s impossible to wear the piece as day wear or as an investment piece to wear just ‘once’.

  5. Wow oh wow oh wow!
    I love the dresses and face jewellery, amazing!
    Oh where did you go this time round? Lucky you.

  6. the last dress is stunning and intricately made, I’m impressed :O

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