LFW AW12 visual diary, part 4


lfw3Attracted by the aquatic shades of blue (I despise the word aqua for personal reason, but it’s a perfect word to describe the colour of Holly Fulton’s collection), again one of my personal highlights of LFW I took a closer look at the designers exhibition a few hours after show, a brilliance reference from the 20s and 90s silhouettes, intricately hand painted Art Deco glasshouse inspired art.

lfw11Style legend Matthew Zorpas.
lfw20Louisa Lau‘s ingenious customised sticker clutch bag.
lfw16Such a shame I had to miss to Simone Rocha‘s most anticipated show as I had to cover backstage at VFS for an online mag, the show was also back to back with Jackie J.S Lee’s.
lfw18I’m dying to get my hand on those Simone Rocha’s brogues!
lfw13John Rocha‘s 3D rosette dress.
lfw15After I was done with Eudon Choi (and missed Ashley Isham’s after a severe delay) I finally made it to Charlie May‘s presentation at the Soho Sanctum Hotel, low in sugar with minutes to spare for some snaps before the models done with their jobs, this is the only good shot I can show you.  Oh dear.

After my relentless onslaught written/verbal rant on LFW shenanigans on a par with online peeps (Huffington Post, Liz Jones etc) let me tell you, I have taken a happy medicine and that I have c-a-l-m-e-d.


  1. 不知你的近況如何呢 ? 可以的話, 請你也和我分享一下吧 !盼望收到回email.


  2. @士多啤梨妹 多谢你啊! 我好來無見你啊,你ok嗎?

    @Stephi I know ‘Aqua’ is such an ugly word….to meeee anyway. The black stain on the fingers were part of Charlie May’s presentation, last season the stain were white.

  3. wow despise? that’s a strong word, for the word aqua ; ) but i agree it’s the perfect word to describe Fulton’s collection…turquoise is my favorite color….and i love the pictures of Matthew Zorpas, and that last picture…why are his fingers black up to a certain point? is that on purpose? i’m really interested in knowing the answer
    xoxo stephi

  4. The Holly Fulton collection is spectacular and its colour palette particular the pinks and blues. Cute stickers clutch bag.

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