LFW AW12 visual diary, part 2 – The magic of starburst



My penchant for space age or retro sci-fi is clearly evident, two of my final collections from uni (I studied both HND and BA Fashion Design and Technology at LCF) were partly inspired by the early works of André Courrèges and Paco Rabbane. Daft Punk and Kraftwerk are my seasonal choice of music, obsessive tracks from the film Tron: Legacy being used in tv commercials, fashion shows such like Jaeger’s SS11 intro (I think track 4, correct me if I’m wrong) and tv car show Top Gear often feature their tracks.  Very identifiable.  No nonsense music such as this is hypnotically refreshed, the chemical reaction in my brain often have the tendency to erupt in an epileptic trance.  I’m eclectically weird, do you want to be my friend?

A promising opening start at Mattijs AW12 show (his first show in London) with the soundtrack from Star Wars intermixed with Lana Del Rey’s, I instantly knew this was going to be a good show.  Inspired by the iconic sci-fi characters in the likes of Princess Leia from Star Wars, the young heroe Artreyu from The Never Ending Story, and the retro rebots C3PO en R2D2.



The fantasy collection consists of long flowy stretch of accordion pleated dresses, palazzo trousers shows dramatic fabric movement guided by the beat of music, explosive bloom of ruffled coral-like jackets, hand embroidered gold detailings, metallic trims, futuristic garments with the Courrèges-esque skin revealing circular holes a typical feature in the 60s space age fashion.  Oh boy oh boy, I so want to get my hands on those Mattijs x United Nude pleated boots, available in SS12.



And boy oh boy x2, such great collection and such great tune I wouldn’t mind having the mix track on my ipod’s ‘must listen tracks on continuous loop’ playlist (wave hands to Mattijs and Trace Publicity).  And lastly, I’m really looking forward to see his collection in close up on press day.


  1. The collection is just amazing! the details are the best for me in the hole collection, just some cuts and shapes that make the difference

  2. Are you one of those group of sci-fi geeks? Interesting about the use of Courreges’s 60s circular cut outs, I have no idea who this designer were, you spoke with great depth. Agree with the soundtrack.

  3. Came across this post after googling Mattijs show review, I loved how you incorporate your personal love of electro music with Mattijs collection, shows that you have passion as read from your long post. It’s brilliantly written and hilariously funny I like a blog with humour, great work.

  4. Couldn’t agree more! Loved this collection – it was definitely a highlight of my LFW. Beautiful photos Kit!

    p.s. if you manage to get that soundtrack off Susie then make sure to share it! It was amazing! xx

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