LFW AW12 visual diary, part 1


Wardrobe and catwalk rehearsal at Eudon Choi‘s presentation.
lfw1Customised sunglasses with stuck on eye bits backstage at Fam Irvoll, so adorable looking I wanted to steal it.
lfw3Fam Irvoll’s mish-mash monsters print on dress, check out those pastel coloured creepers.


lfw12Jen looking dazzling with her shocking pink lightning earrings.


lfw8The metallic coating on the chocolate balls contain Titanium Dioxide, not sure it’s toxic but I ate it all.
lfw6Daks collection never disappoint me.
lfw17Kickers-esque loafters by Jackie. JS Lee, I got a right telling off from Jackie (in a nice way) for not turning up her show due to its full capacity at the Embankment Gallery.

2 weeks of insufferable jetlag and tormented by internet/phone bill from HK, don’t ask, I didn’t realised pay-as-you-go option was that expensive as I kept topping up HKD300 (£25) every week (darn data charge), turns out it was enough to pay for a 2 year contract.  I suck.


My lovely rant.

London Fashion Week is finally over, nearly a week of no coverage on this blog IS necessary as I don’t feel the need to cover every single shows I attended in real time or delay a day or so, I’ve seen enough uninspired shit contents and random shitness…I like to take a chill pill, slowly absorb the fireworks and gravitate towards its visual magic.

To those who nicked my seats (on various occasions) in both venues resorting myself to sitting back row or standing, you’re in the shit. To those unnecessary amateurs (aspired bloggers/fashionistas/students) who wanted to be part of the experience, you gave us the unpleasant experience of your ill unprofessionalism and immaturity.  This is not the world of Devil Wears Prada, it’s real work!


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  2. Kit, it was great to see you in London. I hear you – the atmosphere has changed completely. I couldn’t BELIEVE how many hangers-on there were at Somerset House, it was so intimidating. So much competition for attention, which has becoming a damning part sadly of fashion week which doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

    A few years ago when I was a new blogger, I looked forward to fashion week so much, as a unique opportunity to meet and engage with the designers I admired so much and learn about the industry. Now I’m embarassed to be associated with ‘blogging’.

    Also, good for you taking it slow and steady with your coverage. There’s far too much hastily uploaded content which exists to preach ‘Look, i was THERE’ as opposed to commenting on the fashion in context of business or culture.

    A la prochaine! x

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