HK visual diary: Chums




After living in HK for 2 months I achieved many things – conversed in Cantonese (I rarely speak the language at home) at press days with PRs, media peeps and even shops staffs.  I managed to get lost in Sheung Wan a dozen times, the streets were like a puzzle.  Curbed down my nasty spending habit and lastly, new found friends.

I dare not want to write a full essay to make you go all drowsy but I want like to say thanks to those who I felt welcomed in their group; Denise of SUPERWOWOMG, Priscilla from Electric Sekki, Tania of T Like Bubble Tea, Geneva of A Pair and a Spare (I knew Geneva back in London), Sam of Sam is Home, Carmen of How I Met Your Style (both pictured), Andy from Standard Vintage and countless others.

Can’t wait to end my last HK visual diary post this week, stay tuned.

P.s Happy Valentine’s Day!





My outfit: Top – on loan from DRAW IN LIGHT, Mint inner jacket – UNIQLO, Leather biker jacket – from HK, Black leather skirt – courtesy of MUUBAA, Black leggings – H&M, Polka dots socks – M&S, Chelsea boots – courtesy of KURT GEIGER, Purple checked scarf – BURBERRY, Pink clutch bag – on loan from MCM.  Thanks for the photos CARMEN!


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  2. That shot of me and Carmen… we look totally out of proportion- like I’m standing in the front and her in the back. MONSTER SAM. Roar.

    I still need to post the same shots- will do this at the end of the week. Miss you!!

  3. Love seeing these photographs of you, Sam, and Carmen! It sounds like you had a really enriching time in HK and it’s been fun reading/viewing your HK visual diary posts these past two months. xx

  4. Aww you have had an amazing time! Must have been lovely to see Geneva again! Love your mcm bag and the watermelon clutch below! :D xxx
    Looking forward to catching up!

  5. Love these shots, you both look awesome! Was it difficult having to speak cantonese again, I feel so guilty for not using my mother tongue enough :/ xx

  6. Aww man, I’ve been loving your HK posts so I can’t believe your last one is coming up soon! Loving these photos, you guys look so happy, it’s so lovely to see!

  7. Last (HK) post this week? I really enjoyed reading your adventures in HK, your visuals are spectacular and thoughtfully edited. London Fashion Week is nigh I’m looking forward to that one.

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