HK visual diary: Standard Vintage, part 3



Standard Vintage part trois.  Feeling bitter sweet towards this adorable ice cream print vintage dress, I happily purchased it straight after the street style shoot, paired with the Monki watermelon clutch (my least favourite watery fruit) to suit a sweet tooth country girl like moi.

Below are sneaky pics of Tania‘s street style shots, she’s wearing the gorgeous royal blue pleated dress (which I also bought), the sapphire colour reminds me of the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring.  Right so?



My outfit: Ice cream print Japanese vintage dress – STANDARD VINTAGE. Elasticated belt – Tania’s. Watermelon clutch – courtesy of MONKI. Socks – M&S.  Lace up boots – KURT GEIGER.  Thanks to Tania for the outfit shots and thanks to Andy of Standard Vintage for letting us playing around with your amazing finds.


  1. Oh Kit, you look SO adorable here in your print dress and watermelon clutch!

    Sorry I didn’t see you at LFW, but giggled out loud at your rant (I hate the seat-stealers/re-seaters too!).

    P.S. Your pictures are just getting better and better!

    Briony xx

  2. Despite your dislike of the fruit, definitely a cute watermelon clutch! The colours and minimalism seem kind of pop-art-ish especially against the ice cream print. The royal blue colour looks gorgeous on Tania; I quite like how all the outfits turned out! Hope you have a good rest of the week! xx

  3. WHAT. Watermelon is awesome. I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore.
    I love that last photo of tania!

  4. What a cute ice cream print dress you have got on here, I’m so happy you bought it, I think it will work well with a pair of white court shoes or sandals.

  5. Oh I loooove that ice cream printed dress, it’s the sweetest thing ever. That watermelon clutch is gorgeous Kit! Oh you definitely picked up some lovely things from HK.

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