HK visual diary: Standard Vintage, part 2



Part deux.  A fun dressing up session with Standard Vintage (and Tania) in the sunny afternoon in hilly Sheung Wan,  we waited almost a week for the sun to appear for our quickie street style shoot.  The lighting was perfect but my increasingly bulging stomach from the 3 day food feasts in CNY didn’t stop me from fitting into tiny waisted vintage dresses, it was a light battle.  Stay tuned for part 3.

My outfits: Vintage 80s Japanese roses print Dress and Vintage 80s Japanese floral pond tailor made dress, Brown leather camera bag – all from STANDARD VINTAGE. Grace croc and canvas tote bag – on loan from MCM.  Grey socks – M&S.  Black lace up boots – KURT GEIGER. Thanks to Tania of T Like Bubble Tea for the outfits photos.


  1. It looks like it was fun! I like the quirky prints on both of your dresses and the loose silhouettes. Can’t wait to see the next part! xx

  2. I don’t wear vintage (stupid Chinese superstition), however I wish to wear one, you made it look easy and comfortable to wear.

  3. Japanese vintage clothing is a rarity find these days, so glad to have discovered standard vintage on from here, fabulous finds.

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