HK visual diary: Standard Vintage, part 1



Chinese are no fans of vintage/second hand items or dead person’s belongings as Hong Kongers would like to call them, believing pre-owned goods from the dead will bring bad luck and possess by spirits.  I contradict the fact that I, a keen collector of vintage objects and clothing for nearly 10 years, not a single banshee nor stroke of bad luck affect me with negative energy, at least I have treated the treasures with love and respect.  My bedroom is a dumping ground for all sorts of junk.



I met Andy Chow at an event last year, Andy is an Architecture designer and founder of Standard Vintage an online vintage boutique that curates and specialises in Japanese vintage clothing and designer clothing dating from the 60s to the 80s.  Every piece is unique, materials rich in quality and carefully hand picked, the price point is standardly brilliant.



Stunned by Andy’s array of collected pieces – Marni, Escada, Missoni, Celine, YSL and the like.  The Issey Miyake origami avant garde blouse (£174.66/USD268) caught my attention, I admired its art and fabric manipulation technique and so wanting to invest it but it will not sit well over my petite shoulder.  Charlie would sooo love this.

Stay tuned for part 2, a fun street style project with Standard Vintage and Tania of T Like Bubble Tea as company.


  1. @Sara Standard Vintage is a fabulous online shop, superb collection! I bought two GORGEOUS from there and I can’t wait to wear them at LFW.

  2. So happy I discovered your blog, I love it!And what can I say about his shop???I’m in love with first horses shirt, it’s a dream, gonna check it out immediately!Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Joy Standard Vintage is an online boutique, check it out! There are a dozen good vintage stores in HK…haven’t been to any except at Mei Zee on Granville Rd in TST.

  4. i hate the chinese attitude towards vintage clothing. my mom HATES it when i buy vintage. gotta visit this place the next time im in hk!

  5. I know, one of my favourite skirts is from a charity shop which I altered and when I told my mum, she was like, ‘don’t tell anyone Chinese because they’ll disapprove’…er OK mum, hmmm. I get it but when you see something really amazing, it would be wrong to pass on it! I really love that last Miyake blouse! Actually quite curious as to what you ended up buying in HK over your last 3 months!

  6. @the style crusader Indeed it was. Have a look on the online store, there are so many great affordable pieces. I bought two dresses :D

    @Sam LOL your aunt is funny. Yes I miss you guys.

  7. When I told my aunt in HK I got my 1950’s prom dress from a vintage store, her first reaction was,
    “You mean someone died in it???”

    Stunning photos and I can’t wait to see the shoot
    Do you miss us yet? :P

  8. I was just going to ask if that was an Miyake top I saw – it’s beautiful! This looks absolutely incredible! Would love to have a good rummage around the neatly stocked rails. Yum yumm. xx

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