HK visual diary: Magical things…



A last minute invitation to La Prairie (Cellular Power Charge Night) product launch event held at the JW Marriot hotel hence the hand written name card, no I wasn’t gate crashing I happened to meet my editor at press day somewhere somewhere and needed a company thereafter.

Received quite a few stares from beauty journalists, media peeps and PRs, pondering their thoughts ‘who is this stranger? A new beauty blogger?’ – until a PR told my editor I look like the HK model Christy Chung.  My reaction? ‘Oh I get this all the time when I visit HK.’ – trust me I don’t look special.



One of the most expensive anti-ageing products out there, a futuristic looking pump dispenser releases separate streams of Retinol cream and gel cream to the unprecedented skin renewal energy of Cellular Power Infusion.  Works best at night when the secret formula activate its magic to the skin. (I’m no beauty geek but click HERE for more info).



HKD4,000 (£320) for 40ml is tad expensive.  I’ve handed the magic product over to my enthusiastic guinea pig mother to test it out herself.


  1. Oh! My HK relatives love La Prairie but it’s soooo expensive and they always like to stock up when they visit the UK because it’s marginally cheaper. Also at risk of sounding completely boring I can definitely see the likeness between you and Christy Chung!

  2. Love these photos! Liking the bluey glare :-) Snow Queeny. Also – I got my Mother the La Prairie lip treatment last year (not £400 but still a bit pricey) and she said it was incredible! Unfortunately I can’t afford it for myself…

  3. Oooh, la prairie is so good! I always see it at the airport in it’s majestic blue bottles… I wish my whole bathroom cabinet with filled with just these product. Yummm.

    p.s. lucky mama! xx

  4. How could give the $4k to your mother you should have kept it yourself, but it’s $4l??!! I would happily exchange it for cash.
    Looks like a decent posh event for media, last minute huh? Lucky. The food looks nice too.

  5. omg how can i not realised earlier that you resemble christie chung? you really do.
    la prairie products are really expensive but they really do work.

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