HK visual diary: Boku cut



2 years of uncut hair, heavy in weight, irritating scalp, flyaway strays, knotted in some places, static but still healthy and thankfully not a single split ends thanks to my mum’s weekly nutritious soups.

My impatience grew and wanted to feel like a cloud, so weeks before the Lunar New Year I took a trek to Salon Boku in Sheung Wan to get them wacked, the salon is founded by Creative Director and trusted hair stylist friend Porky Chu, also a former stylist from London.  My last hair cut was apparently cut by Porky at a different salon in Sha Tin 2 years ago.  I couldn’t help but seeing the shock of his face, taken in by surprise by the length of my hair and awkward grown-out fringe like one of those Lhasa Apso breeds.


To those who knew me in post-December 2009 I had a blunt bob and a dare devil angular fringe in the shape of a triangle…question mark, oh come on it was a cool look. Don’t remember? Fine I was no importante.



A standard size, open planned hair salon in somewhat felt like boys only college common room (a function room where college students hang about at break times), relaxed atmosphere and un-flinched by its mixed wooden decor and concrete flooring in the style of east-endy London hair salon. An added bonus to keep you curiously noted they have a giant flat screen tv, some selections of girl-friendly dvds, vintage bric-a-brac displayed on shelves (unrelated significance) and a cool looking electric guitar and tiny amplifier which makes you think ‘is this the place where the cool lads hang out to play?’

Thanks again to Porky for giving my hair a new lease of life!  Pictures to come soon.

Salon Boku, Room 2101, Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


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  2. This is reminding me that I was supposed to get a hair cut before the lunar new year…but then it didn’t quite happen. Whoops. I like the aesthetic of this hair salon– never seen a salon with wooden decor, it’s very nice and definitely feels a bit…homey? Looking forward to seeing photographs of your new haircut xx

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  4. @Lola I love the entire process esp when washing my hair with a complimented head massage :P

  5. Can’t wait to see what it looks like, I’m VERY intrigued!! I also had my haircut very recently, love coming out of hairdressers and feeling brand new but I absolutely HATE the entire cutting/blowdrying process. XX

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