HK visual diary: Kung Hey Fat Choi


Rabbit toy and Chinese red envelopes – courtesy of MCM (HK)

Wishing my family, friends and readers a very Happy New Year…again.  To those who were born in Dragon year (i.e my youngest sister), it will be a good year to improve yourself, take calculated investment risks and to build wealth.  Most important of all, live well.


  1. Oh what lovely laisee envelopes! I’m so envious that you get to spend CNY in HK, did you go to the flower market? I remember my dad telling me about his visit last year, he hadn’t been in years and my family begrudgingly went along with him…begrudgingly because they said it’s a crazy sea of people. Anyway, I know that this Lunar new year be an amazing year for you. Wishing you lots of good luck, good health and a prosperous new year Kit!

  2. @Duck The new year officially started on Sunday for 4 days and the celebrations last up to 15 days til the full moon :P

  3. Happy New Year! I’m so confused, my flatmate told me new year is on Wednesday… Does it last a really long time or is she just mad?

  4. @Lui I don’t have language function in Photoshop, the language app was already set up in my MACBOOK.

  5. Too bad your not in London to celebrate CNY with us Mexxicans. Have fun in HK, come back soon.

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