HK visual diary: Sea sick?






Yep, more pictures of the sea again (Tai Mei Tuk and Sam Mun Tsai) are you envious or just feeling sea sick?  I don't want to swear here I'm truly loving it out here!

Slowly I'm adjusting to the hectic life in Hong Kong, attending press days/events and work meetings, networking, I have gained new found friendship with bloggers and media peeps alike, the PRs are seriously amazing here.  I'll be back to my home turf in 2 weeks and Marmite on buttered toast will the first thing I must do when I arrive.

My outfit: Argyle wool knitted sweater – courtesy of BENETTON, Men's check flannel shirt and beige trousers – both from UNIQLO, Sunglasses – BURBERRY, Stripey socks – M&S, Purple sneakers – SUPERGA @ MY WARDROBE.  Thanks to my lil bro Ken of Seoul State of Mind for the outfit photos.


  1. you know this winter is not that cold for Korean weather
    anyways you should visit here sometimes before you go back or next time during summer :)

  2. Nothing wrong with more pictures of the sea!
    I love the mix of colours and print in the second photo. In itself, the outfit is very simple, but you’ve made it much more visually interesting.

  3. @Sam I don’t want to jinx anything if ‘I do’ want to move to HK. Dim sum soon please!!!!
    P.s I did contemporary Chinese dance when I was a kid.

  4. Oh I thought you were gonna say “that I think I might just move to HK soon!”
    Ah well let’s get dim sum when I get back before you leave? Love the last photo- you could quite pass off as a modern dancer. Hahaha.

  5. Beautiful photographs and I love the simple mixture of patterns in your outfit. You make HK look like such a scenic place, I want to visit even more, haha. Glad to hear that you’ve been having such a pleasant time in HK and I hope that you have a good week/enjoy the rest of you time there! xx

  6. I love your pics of the more rural side of HK, it’s definitely a side of HK I rarely ever see when I see my family. Mum rarely goes back towards the New Territories…too many old relatives to greet haha! I have a feeling you’ll be back in HK before you know it!

  7. Wow! The boats w/ sails looks like fluttering butterflies, the sunset, the sea and the sceneries are breathtaking. Come to Sai Kung it’s even more prettier :P

  8. Serene and tranquility is what a blogger like you is needed. Enjoy the rest of your days before the hectic superficial LFW begins next month.

  9. Oh Kit the pictures looks stunning, so glad to see you’re enjoying your vacation in HK. You’ve made cycling look so chic.

  10. My goodness these pictures Kittttt, you make HK look like a really exotic beach + tropics resort…. BUT I MISS YOU.

  11. that’s a quality outfit, i’d wear that! really like all the patterns, and the stripy sockness in there too

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