HK visual diary: My bones and nails hates moo moo cow



I’m no hand care savvy nor do I care about my brittle and ridged nails, broken day by day.  Damaged. Okay I do care, my stomach lining doesn’t take cow’s milk lightly as I’m slightly lactose intolerant since early adulthood, health supplements (from random brands) doesn’t make any difference at all.  Hence the post title my bones and nails detest cow’s milk – calcium, and I don’t eat beef.

As a British patriot I’m very delighted to hear Cowshed is launching its first stockist in Asia available exclusively at Lane Crawford HK, I still have their Pocket Cow Bath and Body which I use for travelling they smell pretty darn good, very organic.  I’m (officially) becoming a big fan of of Cowshed’s Apricot Nourishing Cuticle Oil which I’ve sampled and mixed in together with a small dollop of hand care lotion, it leaves my skin very soft, and nails feeling much stronger and nourished for almost a week.  Can’t wait to get my hands on them when I return to London next month.

Thanks Fiona of Cowshed (HK) for sparing your time for the quick demonstration and tips on facial and nail care. P.s your hands are beautiful.


  1. Oooh, this looks amazing. We should visit the spa! Post-LFW rejuvenation!! Good idea?

    Remember how messed up your nails were when we got them down at Wah nails?? Hahahah… Kit! You need this stuff in your life! xx

  2. @Krys I’m ok with cow’s milk in food such as cakes, pies etc but not creamy sauce, in tea, coffee or anything that has a large quantity of milk, yeah it’s the quantity.

    @Dona Yup I drink soya milk and rice milk, as I’m in HK I can’t find the brand (Alpro) which I drink regularly…sticking to Black Soya milk :S

    @xiao xiao Hey, great to hear you’re back here. I’m in HK until the 3rd Feb.

  3. Yay your comment box is back! I hadn’t been able to catch up with your blog I have been travelling, your new blog layout is looking good I love! It’s wonderful to hear you’re in Asia, come to Shanghai if you have time oh when are you back in London?

  4. I have the same prob with cow’s milk and animal’s milk too, do you drink soya or rice milk they’re excellent alternative. Beautiful pix by the way :D

  5. Mmm, I have the same problem with cow’s milk. Their products sounds really nice so that’s great that they’re launching in Asia! (:

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