HK visual diary: Lamamamama








I am increasingly annoyed by the length of my fly away locks and chin length fringe which obscures my vision on a daily basis, pinning back strays and tying locks into a fur tail adds weight. I had it last serviced in Hong Kong 2 years ago (ouch), a touch of TLC is desperately needed.

A full day trip to a known hippie outlying Island Lamma Island 南丫島 with family to sample their prestigious sea beasts at Shum Kee – juicy and meaty, and of course we went trekking to burn off those saturated fat.  Food pictures? Oh food pictures, sorry the camera died.

My outfit: Beige wool coat – courtesy of BENETTON.


  1. Wow I love your blog (just found it!) You have the most beautiful and unexpected photographs of Hong Kong – thank you for sharing.

  2. @Sam There was a restaurant-cafe-hotel next to the beach it looked refurbished, very nice and welcoming shame I already ate before I arrived in Lamma Island. I will definitely go back there when I return in the summer :P

  3. Did you try the tofu dessert near the beach? Lamma’s my favorite island from the major bunch surrounding Hong Kong. There’s a cafe called Bookworm Cafe that’s worth a visit too.

  4. Wow this place is so beautiful! I’m seeing the world through your eyes, within the comfort of my duvet on this cold London morning! xxx

  5. @styleeast Yup I’m just made an appointment this week to chop off my locks and fringe :P

  6. The first photograph is stunning, love all the different colours that you caught in it. Sounds like you had a lovely day trip (:

  7. What lovely pictures, it’s such a shame your camera died, Lamma is beautiful. I went in the summer a few years back.

  8. I went there with a large group of family we ate at Shum Kee too, did you know the restuarant is owned by Chow Yun Fat’s family? It’s a tourist hotspot that is why you’ll see so many tables filled up with tourists and regulars.

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