HK visual diary: In ma club


The joy of attending press days in HK allows me to network with brands and PRs without accompany my editor of The Luxury Club (Hui She Shang) – ‘LEARN TO COMMUNICATE IN CANTONESE!’, only when I force myself if I struggle I’ll use English.

I can’t stress how beautifully edited Club Monaco SS12 collection were at their flagship store in Central HK, with its third party collaboration added to their contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand – A Continuous Lean, Ernest Alexander New York, Pashley, Rayban and The Laundress.  Good job I missed their press day at Browns in London, this is one of my favourite press day visits so far.


The Laundress – Specialty detergent and fabric care line for cashmere and woolens.  How many woolen sweaters have I abused in my (fashion) life time, I really need this Wool & Cashmere Shampoo product to revive its premature death.




Pashley – Two Pashley cycles, Princess Sovereign and Roadster Classic both exclusively available at Club Monaco.  Having taken up cycling to curb my boredom living in the countryside with the help of local bike hire service, their lack of ‘frame style’ doesn’t match my limited cycle friendly wardrobe.  The Pashley Princess Sovereign (with basket) is an ideal, I would swallow my pride if I were to invest this style of a healthy price tag of HKD 10,080.




  1. Oh oh oh… my oh my. There are too many beautiful things! That bike… ohhh, that bike! Love seeing all your press day adventures Kit. Looks like you are keeping so busy out there! I’d love some Laundress soapy stuff too! My woolen pieces could definitely use a bit of TLC. Also, those portrait shots are gorgeous Kit. More street style please!! xx

  2. Beautiful collection and photographs! I spot some delicately designed clutches ^^ Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. @Lilix I rarely speak Cantonese at home but it’s enough to make a full casual conversation.

  4. I love their Spring Summer 11 collection it was all whites, creams and off whites. I didn’t know London stock Club Monaco :O

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