HK visual diary: Riding in the wind




Having spent my first festive breaks in Hong Kong and missing out on great selection of tv dramas in the UK (Shelock Holmes, Dr Who etc), my brother and I were fortunate enough to tag along with my new found neighbour friends in Kowloon to celebrate the New Year, indeed it was my first time seeing view of HK harbour at night.

A blissful bike ride on a chilly-yet-warm breezy day in Tai Mei Tuk (Plover Cove, north of Tai Po District) with a couple of friends I knew back in uni days, both are hubby and hubby. Strong directional winds and long fine hair didn’t gel well together, tangled in a weave-like mess it was impossible to comb it out welcoming tiny bugs to set up home in there. As you can see my dear UK friends I am well and happy here.

Outfit: Sweater – courtesy of BENETTON, Heat-tech – UNIQLO, Skirt – ANTHROPOLOGIE, Scarf and sunglasses – BURBERRY, Tracey Flapover in Cognac Visetos – on loan MCM.


  1. @Duck Thanks Michael! It’s all about the lense, the lighting and post production :P

  2. Oh Kit I wish I knew how to make my photos such an alluring combination of blurred out whiteness and vibrant colours where it counts! Am I not using the right settings or is this in the post-processing? You always make everything look so beautiful :)

  3. Found your blog out of curiosity from the mcm facebook page, your photography are stunningly pretty, folowing your blog now.

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