HK visual diary: Things



I'm wearing ear plugs (my neighbours dogs are barking) and watching Kim Jung Il's funeral live on tv as I'm typing this random visual post, I'm still alive, well fed and dressing like a scruffy villager with matted hair pretty much on a daily basis on most mornings.  As I have been a good girl I haven't been shopping well, except a cheap plastic rose ring for $40 (£3.30) reason being is I really really don't have anymore baggage allowance to fit any smaller content, 20KG is a joke.  I hate you Cathy Pacific.

Things: Plastic rose ring – CHAPEL, Stripey muslin scarf – courtesy of CLUB MONACO (HK), Sunglasses – BURBERRY, Leather sunglasses case – courtesy of BALLY (HK).


  1. Weight limits on luggage always stresses me out…I remember when I was living in Australia, I actually send a bunch of stuff back home ahead of time ‘just in case’ (thankfully I did!) Hope that you’re feeling better and safe travels!

  2. I have to say that when me and my family flew to HK, there were 5 of us and we went over the baggage allowance too…even though we arrived in HK with the bare minimum (one of our suitcases was practically empty!). We do have to send a lot of stuff home separately- I only stayed for a month and accumulated so much stuff…2 months is definitely waaaay tougher!

  3. Oh, 20kg is indeed a terrible joke. I hope you’ll survive, I think it’s hard to resist when in a foreign country not to buy all those things you can’t buy at home… :’) I really like the ring on the spring onion. Your photos are lovely!

  4. Love the first picture of a ‘spring onion ring’ (get it?), very rural chic I hope you’re enjoying your country life there Kit.

  5. 20kg isn’t enough for staying in HK for 2 months, it’s tad less than Virgin Atlantic 30kg me thinks. Please enjoy your stay your visual diaries are lovely.

  6. @Joy The weight of my luggage was 28KG and hand luggage was 12kg so I went over 12KG, I blame the essential beauty craps and electronic devices. Luckily Cathy Pacific let me off but given a fine, food poisoning :S

  7. I understand your dilemma. Must be difficult to resist the good cheap stuff in HK. When I visited UK i only had 20kg allowance as well, and coming from Oz where we didn’t have H&M, Topshop, or Urban Outfitters it was really difficult to be sensible! Glad to know you’re enjoying your holiday though!


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