As a fan of opulent and heavy crafted jewellery, I can’t expressed how delighted I was that Fabergé have opened their first London’s Mayfair boutique since 1915, also sold at Harrods. Known for their exquisite and lavish Imperial Easter Eggs, miniature embellished eggs as gifted collective objects are keepsakes for its executed signature and their ingenious craftsmanship.  Intricate jewellery of articulated stones and diamonds necklace, earrings, timepieces rings and the like are also available and to gawk in awe.


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  3. The Faberge Eggs history started with Gustav Faberge who established a jewelry firm, the House of Faberge, in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Gustav Faberge, the son of Livonian carpenter, moved from Livonia (present day Estonia) to St. Petersburg in 1830s to train as a goldsmith with further plans to start his own jewelry business. In 1841, Gustav Faberge got the title of Master Goldsmith and in 1842 opened his retail jewelry shop. It wasn’t the time for Faberge Easter eggs yet, the jewelry crafted in the Faberge shop were quite usual rings, brooches, and pendants. Later Gustav Faberge married Charlotte Jungstedt, the daughter of a Danish artist, and in 1846 they had their son, Peter Carl Faberge.

  4. Your photos are always so, SO gorgeous.

    Also, 1.5 hours journey time? I guess that isn’t so bad when you get used to it, but after a long day I bet it’s pretty tiring…but yes, the fresh air of the country side is so much better than the smog in the city!

  5. Very beautiful I like the egg pendant in 1st picture, I wish they were available in China I’m very sure they will sell well to wealthy madams.

  6. Found your blog on Fungus Workshop’s FB page, I love your blog.
    This blog entry is interesting what fine life you have here, not many fine jewelery admirers have the chance to see beautiful objects in close up.

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