HK visual diary: Undiscovered Fungus





The last time I visited Hong Kong was exactly 2 years ago I was a tourist and on a blogging break so my camera was banned for the whole of 2 weeks, ungleefully gutted that I wasn’t fully aware of hidden caves behind the streets of popular touristic landmarks.

Elizabeth Lau (my half travel companion) and I came across this leathery workshop space ‘Fungus Workshop 皮革工藝 ‘ hidden in the corner of the sloping street in Shueng Wan 上環, all thanks to Tania and Geneva for introducing their finds to us.  A quick tour around the tiny space, the smell of leather and the sounds of tools cutting, bashing and screwing have brought my faint memory of my pattern cutting days at LCF, it was a stressful time.  It’s basically a leather workshop for hand made lovers to create their own leather accessory – card holder, belt, camera bag, satchel bag and the like, as it is a 2 day workshop you have enrol fast as space fills quickly, I have an idea of creating my own camera strap or a jewellery rather, well I must enrol in advance before I leave in February.


  1. That’s so cool! Sounds like you are enjoying being in HK so far and definitely discovering all these interesting things while you’re not being a tourist. Have a great weekend!

  2. @winnie It’s been only a week since I arrived last Fri and have finally settled except for the long distance commute (1hr15 precisely), it’s nice to be staying in a rural area uncontaminated by city environment.

    @Geisharock Email sent.

  3. This places looks amazing and I can just imagine the smell of the leather! I love that your last visit was 2 weeks, now it’s for 2 months and who knows what the future may bring, 2 years?! xx

  4. I’ve always been intruiged by this place but as I have no craftsmanship skills whatsoever, I’m better off just buying my leather accessories :(

    Would love to get together for a lunch or something similar if you have a spare moment in your hectic schedule! I’m here til at least Feb too! Will email you x x

  5. I didn’t know you learned pattern cutting at the famous college, can you still pattern cut and sew? You should do a fashion D-I-Y.

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