Fleur existence



Call me dumbo and ignorant I never knew flowers grow in cold autumn/winter condition let alone ugly weeds and typical boring house plants, maybe because I’m used to seeing nothing but empty branches and dewed grass in my lifeless garden.

I was meaning to visit Columbia Road Flower Market on past Sundays ago after reading Jen’s post about her adventure, due to my poor health (coughing fit blah blah blah and more blahs) I was unable to go, so a lot of hair pulling and frowning were involved.  Nice wrinkles Kit.



Finally on a Sunday and thank blooming goodness for the beautiful weather, cough free and a couple rounds of botox later, I embarked on an adventure-walk at the flower market with my two lovelies Shini and Alexxsia, seeking odd looking flowers and the infamous fox-masked man in Barbour-ish jacket perch on the windowsill.

005 Girls tweeting.
006 Behind the scenes, Shini photographing Alexxsia’s outfit shots for her blog.
007 An executed price of £5.00 for a bunch of Chrysanthemums.


Thanks to Shini for the last three gorgeous photos and thanks to Alexxsia for showing us around, great company!


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  3. OMG these are stunning. Absolutely beautiful flowers. Your blog always really makes me miss London. That guy in the fox hat is awesome. When are you coming to HK?? Next week right?

  4. Love this and can’t wait for your tea post. I’m so craving some flower tea now, my favourite in the Summer was sunflower tea. Yummm. xx

  5. Kit, your photos are so incredible! Everything looks so beautiful and crisp. I love the second photo. I almost looks like those flowers would clamp onto your hand if you got too close. You three look stunning – as usual! Love that Shini’s got on bold shades (red/yellow), Lexxie is all dark (black/green) and you’re wearing soft milky colours. So beautiful.

    p.s. what’s going on with your nails?? they look cool. xx

  6. Someone wearing a fox mask in a window? Whoa, that’s unexpected. The flowers look really pretty, definitely add some joy to normal winter days. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love those nails! Very cool! And Chrysanthemum is the best, looks and smells pretty and makes yummy tea!


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