Kithopper in the woods



Recovering from a nasty coughing bug and half bed-bound for over a week my body is fit enough to resume its duty tomorrow for a short period.  At the moment I’m hitting a panic button, with a mountain of work to climb and leaving for Hong Kong next week, I have yet to decide what to pack! Time is ticking fast.



Before the coughing bug took over my tired body, I had the pleasure to visit my local park for the first time in autumn (I normally visit there in summer), Grovelands Park is a hotspot for prominent joggers and ramblers like myself.  The wooded recreation ground overlooking a geese filled lake was part of my basic training ground for my 6K run before moving to the extreme level, half marathon training in Trent Park (hello neighbours WishWishWishShiny ThoughtsAccess Fashion).  Yeah I was a hardcore runner and extremely competitive.


Ho-hum, hungry and speech slurring my words seems doodled.  Be sure to check out a little feature of me in Kurt Geiger‘s Everything But The Dress blog and Jen‘s fancy levitation shots on her blog!

My outfit: Shirt – UNIQLO, Skirt – ANTHROPOLOGIE, Jacket – Mum’s from 10 years ago, Tights – ARISTOC,  Wool scarf and chiffon scarf with bubble trimming – both from BURBERRY, Bunting necklace – courtesy of ESTRADA MONKEY @ ROKIT DESIGNER’S GUILD, Ankle boots – courtesy of KURT GEIGER.


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