Mock up


I’m a flu tragic being confined in my room suffocating behind a saggy surgical face mask all day, I pondered for a while whether I should head out into town to meet my appointments, but this darn coughing fit wouldn’t budge so I waved a white flag in surrender.

It’s a good timing to be sick I think so I could start on a delayed DIY project, to create a Christmas decoration in collaboration with V&A, provided with some lovely selection of limited edition of Liberty Art quilt fabrics.



I knew what I wanted to create but before my hands start destroying the fabric, a mock up is needed, a colourful Jo Malone Christmas brochure became a victim of my DIY abuse, a torn perfect square sheet is a perfect template for my origami inspired flower piece, as seen above.


I’m afraid this is all I can show you as I’m still in the early stage of assembling the drafted bits together before cutting hundred square batches, the finished Christmas decoration will be revealed on the V&A Facebook along with other participates on mid December.


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  2. it’s looks exciting to see you making origami flower in using fabric, i have seen the technique done online but on the blog. i’m looking forward to see the flowers next month..

  3. Thank goodness your comment section is reopened, I have been following your blog since the summer please keep it up.


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