Łódź-y No Daisy And Bubbles






It was surprisingly breezy at FPWP great for blowing bubbles (provided at the venue) and not so great for my borrowed cotton Obakki dress, where at times the skirt billowed a few times exposing my butt cheeks and unsightly cellulite to complete strangers, oh my butt cheeks says ‘oh hello world, I’m here‘.  It was uncontrollable and embarrassingly classy.  Thanks Shini for the outfit photos.

My outfit: Shirt – borrowed from PAUL & JOE, Dress – borrowed from OBAKKI, Belt – MEXX, Socks – NEXT, Boots – KURT GEIGER, Sunglasses – URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Thank you H.PR and Robinson Pfeffer for the loan.


  1. You look really nice! But also, apart from that, I just LOVE the bubbles… they make for such lovely photos :)

  2. I remember you! I didn’t know you were attending FPW, was with a group of girls mostly sat in the back row. Lucky you got to sit on front row. What did you think of the shows?

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