Łódź Visual Diary: Hello Polska!





My greyish grey outfit is all by Obakki (loaned by Robinson Pfeffer), thanks Shini for the pics.









Jak się masz from Łódź in Poland!

Before my arrival in Poland I experienced my first unpleasant journey with a cheapo budget airline Wizz Air, a mere forty minutes delay and two hour flight I was seated in uncomfortable seating position (the leg room was tight) where my spine were about to snap in half, what can you do if you have a budget?  Go cheap all the way.

My lovely companions (Shini and Jen) and I are on a mission to conquer Poland Philosophy Fashion Week in Łódź, okay maybe not conquer we’re here to experience the taste of fashion week outside the main fashion capitals as well as checking out Poland’s fashion talents, names we haven’t come across before.

We’re staying in a lovely hotel at Andel’s, a former textile mill known for it’s outstanding architectural design and historic detailing, glass encased rooftop pool (as seen above) with breathtaking view of the city it is also Łódź’s biggest ballroom enough to accommodate 800 people…very impressive.  Stay tuned for a full reportage and review on the hotel and series of visual diaries over the next coming days and weeks.



  1. Wow the former mill factory looks massive, this could be turned into an apartment at least they had turned it into a lovely boutiquey hotel – the building looks industrial and awesome.

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  3. You were wearing those glasses pretty cool on FW in Łódź! Hope we will meet again soon.


  4. the gogles are looking very nice, its really attractive photos sharing, i am visiting for the first time to this blog and i really like it and i find it very help full and very informative, hope that you will keep it up

  5. @Winnie – I read your comment on Shini’s, no I didn’t bring a jar of Marmite…I had no room in my luggage :S

  6. The sunglasses and the red lips looks alluring on you.
    Love all the pics in Poland, keep on coming :D

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