Floral Purchase






My love of floral this season hasn’t stopped and my wardrobe is looking a tad psychedelic with mixture of floral and paisley prints, but my loathsome relationship with outdoor nature have fraught so much pain every summer, why?  I’m a severe hayfever sufferer who lives on a steep hill in north London surrounded by trees particularly cherry blossoms, local grasslands (referring to parks) and gardening obsessed neighbours.  My social life in spring summer season relies heavily on prescribed sinus drugs in order to stay functional, alert and focus, watch out for my dreamy-drowsy state of mind it’s funny.

Thank you Rokit Vintage team for your generous press discount for my happy purchase, sadly I didn’t get my hand on the genuine GUCCI loafers, they were 1.5 sizes too small for my wide feet worn on the day with much discomfort but pain worthy for the dress up party.

Thanks Clara and Sabrina for the photos.


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