Leeds: 42 The Calls & Gaucho



I’ve always wanting to do hotel reviews as I have been travelling quite a lot recently for work and press trips, which included over night stays but due to time issue it didn’t allow me to spend time taking pictures and admire it’s room feature.

A while ago I was given an opportunity (thank you Mango PR) to visit Leeds in Yorkshire with an overnight stay at the 42 The Calls, a complimentary dinner at the Gaucho and a guided tour of the city’s fashion gems, all courtesy of Leeds Marketing, Gaucho and the East Coast line.  My travel companions were Laetitia of Mademoiselle Robot and Cait of Wayward Daughter.

42 The Calls.

Normally, when I enter a hotel room I would drop all my belongings by the door and inspect the main room, the lighting, the bed, the wardrobe, mini bar, work station, the window, the bathroom and lastly WIFI.  I was quite astonished to find a bath mat provided in the bathroom which is a plus point, all the hotels I’d stayed in the past they weren’t provided unless you call the concierge and charge you £3 for added service – like being charge extra for a mini salad as side order with an organic steak in a way.




A hosted dinner at the Gaucho restaurant known for their interior features – signature crystal chandelier designs, luxurious cocktail lounge, cowhide seating (they’re stroke friendly), attention to detail in food presentation and their impeccable customer service.




After a hectic night with dozens of work and blog related emails to reply I had an amazing undisturbed sleep in a comfortable soft bed cuddled with fluffy soft pillows, maybe because the bed felt so right for my knackered hard-working soul in desperate need of rest.  I ordered breakfast for room service for 08:30am the following morning, a tray of basic breakfast with tea and Cumberland sausage and egg muffin arrived in the room’s private hatch next to the main door (another bonus point).  With the glorious sunshine beaming through the window I had my breakfast by the windowsill, peering through watching a family of ducks and a lonely swan swim pass-by this is what I need in life – Laetitia described her exact morning episode as mentioned on her MCM blog.

Stay tuned for endless Leeds visual diaries and another hotel review over the next coming weeks.


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  2. you make the place look so pretty.
    Nice to hear of something so hi high fash happening outside of London.

    Helen, X

  3. @KPT – Yeah I didn’t brew the tea long enough hence the white tea :D
    @Shortie – Yes it was nice to get away and explore the north.

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